Camporeale is a versatile artist who excels in various creative domains. As a composer, he crafts electronic compositions that draw inspiration from a diverse range of rhythms, resulting in a distinct and individual universe. His fast tempos take on a contemplative dimension, finding an echo in the deep bass that makes the strength of his creations.

In addition to his composition skills, Camporeale is also a skilled sound engineer. This expertise allows him to effectively serve other artists, companies, understanding their unique requirements and tailoring his work to complement their vision. Whether it involves producing, mixing, or mastering, Camporeale is adept at adapting his skills to suit the needs of the project and elevate the artist’s work.

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2 rue Franklin, 93100, Montreuil
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IN THE ZONE is a project produced by Camporeale in which he invites artists to perform original tracks in his studio, adapting to the artist’s style. Conceived as a series, this first season allows the public to discover a new artist every two weeks through entertaining content in his music studio.

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