Nuit Neuve


Creative direction
Music production
Event production

In May of 2019, the Squad Neuf collective, entity that would later become NEUF Artist Lab, put together an event to promote its artists, merging concerts, performances, and visual arts, under the theme of the Dream. The communication campaign and the different pieces and performances created together a vision of dreams between analog and digital, between the world of senses and the world of machines. The Nuit Neuve Transonirique experience marks the beginning of NEUF Artist Lab’s cross-media ambitions.

Creative direction and production : Neuf Artist Lab
Communication campaign : Thibaud Teti
Performances : Fang The Great, Thincœur & MOMA, ODA Louise, Ninjay, NTN, Voigt K, Novaj
Installations : Louise Le Pape
Thanks : Randolph Lungela, Baptiste Poisson, Lucas Sigrist

Promotional video for the event.

The fast strobing images and their overlapping aimed to push the tools of digital editing to their limits, while incarnating the irrationality of the realm of dreams.

Event poster
42 cm x 59,4 cm, CMYK printing, 100 copies

The Nuit Neuve Transonirique at Jean-Louis La Nuit, Paris, May 25, 2019

Directed by Louise Le Pape

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