Music Production

Over the period of lockdown in France in late 2020, NEUF Artist Lab initiated a short series of weekly collaborations with other artists to produce songs and artworks under specific constraints. The process was documented through social media, bringing transparency into the performers’ and designers’ working process. After a successful first round, the second Quarantine Roulette was a collaboration with Parisian fashion brand Gunther.

Music Artists: Fang the Great, Thincœur, ODA
The Moon, ShadéBlauck, Swami Sound, Jonny Vegas
Visuals Artists: Thibaud Desmergers, Daiyakudo

“Breath of Life” by Fang the Great, ODA The Moon, ShadéBlauck
Visuel by Thibaud Desmergers

“A Place” by Thincœur, Swami Sound
Visuel by Daiyakudo

“Diamond Life” by Fang the Great, Thincœur, ODA The Moon, Jonny Vegas
Visuel by Thibaud Desmergers & Nathan ‘NTN’ Sabaté

“Diamond Life” alternative visual

Instagram stories documenting the process.
The visual identity is based on the symbol of the cross,
which represents the collaboration between artists.

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