Fang The Great
Rise of the Beast EP

Art direction
Graphic design
CD packaging
Digital campaign

For the campaign of genre-bending R&B and hip hop artist Fang the Great’s first EP, we suggested the outlines of a fantastical universe, referencing both science fiction and heroic fantasy with a CGI avatar head that would live beyond the EP: the ‘Beast’. We collaborated with illustration collective Art Majeur artists Louka Butzbach and Paul Descamps to create the visual assets. This project is the first puzzle piece of a fantastical universe that will be expanded over Fang The Great’s next projects.

Art direction & Graphic design : Nathan “NTN” Sabaté
3D Model : Louka Butzbach
Cards : Nathan Sabaté & Paul Descamps

EP Artwork

Through a blunt approach and a close-up shot of the artist’s CGI avatar, we wanted to position Fang as a bold and daring artist, going beyond Hip-hop and Rnb visual trends and codes.

Fang The Great logo

Fang The Great logotype

Among the assets of the communication campaign, a series of playing cards created in collaboration with illustrator Paul Descamps. Referencing the playing cards that influenced Fang The Great’s generation, each visual represents a track from the EP as a mythological creature, adding to the artist’s narrative in his music and his fictional ‘Fangtasia’ universe.

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