Spirit Disco
Lo Que Toca


Art direction
Graphic design
Motion design
AR Filter

Working closely with Barcelona-based fashion designer and artist Wekaforé, NEUF Artist Lab developed a range of visuals for his music project Spirit Disco. With the slot machine as the main feature, we created 70’s inspired titles and symbols for each track of the project, animated titles and videos, and a playful take on the slot machine with an interactive Augmented Reality Filter.

Creative direction: Wekaforé
Art direction: Wekaforé, Nathan 'NTN' Sabaté
Graphic design: Nathan 'NTN' Sabaté
Motion design / CGI / AR Filter: Thibaud Teti

artwork for ‘Lo Que Toca’ EP
logos & graphics for each track of the album
3D visualizer with the slot machine selecting through the symbols we designed for each track

animated titles

AR Filter following the release of the EP. By tapping the screen the user activates a slot machine-like random selection of a track from the EP.

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