Fang The Great
The Lost Jewels

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Printed Booklet

Hybrid R&B and hip hop artist Fang The Great’s second EP was conceptualized as a collection of lost tracks, not intended for the LP in construction, but rich and relevant nonetheless. We represented each track as a gem, to further enrich the artist’s mythology and its occult dimension, that we began creating with his previous EP Rise of The Beast.

Art direction, Graphic Design, CGI : Thibaud Desmergers
Creative Direction : Nathan “NTN” Sabaté

Artwork for the EP, merging the different gems created for each track

We created a promotional video for the EP release, depicting a genesis of the gems and their scattering throughout the world

The four precious stones created for each of the tracks

Limited edition promotional lyrics & art booklet

32 pages, 20 x 28 cm, laser print CMYK, 100 copies

We developed the artist’s universe using a narration around gemstones, as well as pages showcasing the project’s lyrics in a contemporary reinterpretation of middle-ages illuminations

Alternative visuals for the artwork of the EP

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