Rema x Grey93


Graphic Design

Global platform & creative collective Grey93 reached out to NEUF to create visuals for Rema. The nigerian afrorave star went on a North American tour with 3 new visualizers for the tracks Soundgasm, FYN and Divine, off his acclaimed album ‘Rave & Roses’, as well as an animated logo.

Creative direction : @grey93
Art direction, CGI, animation : Thibaud Teti
Character design, graphic design : Nathan ‘NTN’ Sabaté
3D hair : Lucas Gallo
3D clothes : vesqmojo
Creative & production inputs : Nathan ‘NTN’ Sabaté, Lucas Gallo

a fast-paced story of Rema’s success inspired by video games
a cyclical fantasy story centered on the theme of rebirth
sensual sequences of intertwined bodies and shifting colors on skin
animated Rema logo

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