Close Your Eyes


Music Production
Mixing & Mastering
Art Direction
Music Video
Graphic Design

The first EP of genre-merger artist Thincœur was entirely carried out by the NEUF Artist Lab team, resulting in a multimedia content output. A tale of self-discovery and a seeking of balance, Thincœur’s music aims to create a landscape of personal symbols and myths. To reflect this intention, the overall art direction consists of miscellaneous symbols and alter-egos, drawing inspirations from surrealism and mysticism.

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Eliade Krön
Art Direction: Thibaud Teti, Nathan 'NTN' Sabaté and Eliade Krön
Graphic Design and Merchandising:Thibaud Teti
Photography and Video Direction: Louise Le Pape

Close Your Eyes – EP

Deamon – Music Video

Deamon (Single) – Cover Art

Close your eyes EP – Cover, Back Cover and Lettering

Selection of symbols used throughout the visuals as landmarks to define concepts such as spirituality, doors of perception, third eye, pride, sacrifice, love, etc.

Series of artworks for each track of the EP
Series of letterings for each track of the EP. We brought a narrative into the typography, depicting the themes and ideas in each song with their related custom symbols.
Social Media Content
Models : Thincœur, Aminata Thiboult, GATO, Zélie Traversier

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