2021 Photo editing Graphic design Post-production Barcelona based multi-hyphenate Wekaforé teamed up with Amsterdam brand Daily Paper for a capsule collection centered around the figure of legendary Nigerian afrobeat pioneer and political activist Fela Kuti. NEUF Artist Lab worked on the post-production and graphic design for the accompanying photos and short film, taking inspiration from […]

Dos Cassé

2021 Art Direction Direction Styling Post-production Thanks to Evidence Music, NTN Swiss singer Danitsa collaborated with NEUF on an ethereal video with aquatic visuals for Dos Cassé, her first single in french, off her second album SYCLE, released in December 2021. Production: NEUF Artist Lab Direction, art direction, editing & post-production: Thibaud Teti Creative direction: […]

Spirit Disco
Lo Que Toca

2021 Art direction Graphic design Motion design CGI AR Filter Working closely with Barcelona-based fashion designer and artist Wekaforé, NEUF Artist Lab developed a range of visuals for his music project Spirit Disco. With the slot machine as the main feature, we created 70’s inspired titles and symbols for each track of the project, animated […]

Jinju Uncia
360° Series

2021 Art direction Photo editing Lettering design Jinju Uncia is a Swiss artist, navigating the worlds of neo-soul and hip-hop. Her first project entitled ‘360° SERIES’ is comprised of 9 tracks with themes of circulation and rotation. NEUF worked on the art direction of the project. We created custom letterings and artworks covering a wide […]

Fang The Great
Rise of the Beast EP

2018 Direction artistique Design graphique Artwork CD promotionnel Affiche Campagne digitale Pour la campagne du premier EP de l’artiste hip-hop hybride Fang the Great, nous avons suggéré les contours d’un univers fantastique, référençant à la fois la science-fiction et la heroic fantasy, en créant un avatar 3D destiné à exister au-delà de l’EP : la […]


2020 Production musicale Artworks Campagne de communication Durant la période de confinement en France fin 2020, NEUF Artist Lab a initié une courte série de collaborations hebdomadaires avec d’autres artistes, afin de produire des morceaux et des visuels pour les accompagner. Le processus a été documenté à travers les réseaux sociaux, où les followers ont […]

Nuit Neuve

2019 Creative directionPostersVideosMusic productionEvent production In May of 2019, the Squad Neuf collective, entity that would later become NEUF Artist Lab, put together an event to promote its artists, merging concerts, performances, and visual arts, under the theme of the Dream. The communication campaign and the different pieces and performances created together a vision of […]

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